Reinventing The Wheel

Greenwich Street, Tribeca, NYC 11/1/17

Covered in a blue NYPD tarp, the compact pickup truck made its way down Greenwich Street on a flatbed with NYPD logo.  It was like it was almost alive, guilty, ignominiously headed toward some anonymous impound lot for criminal vehicles.  A cluster of photographers ran into the street, shooting away at it.  I didn’t know why until it hit me…it was that truck.  The Home Depot logo and the mangled top and front end gave it a treacherous, sepulchral air.  The feeling that I should be ashamed of myself for stepping into the street accompanied me as I jumped in with the others with my camera.  On the sidewalks as the flatbed slowly rolled in heavy traffic were dozens of bystanders with smartphones, taking pictures and video.  It was with a mixture of solemnity and mirth that only occurs together in big city dwellers, and all I could focus on was this left front tire, and the enormity of what it had done, and that it happened near the high school that my son recently tested at, and….. it could’ve been anybody that this tire rolled over, including my son.

Why not reinvent the wheel?  Turn it into something criminal, with evil undertones.  Weaponize it….every day I watch for people operating wheeled vehicles, and hope for the best on occasion when I’m nearly run over by one of them.  But this new weapon is everywhere, and entirely unpredictable.

Author: suzannesteinphoto


2 thoughts on “Reinventing The Wheel”

  1. A sad mad bad world. Goodness is in evidence throughout the world. Tiny beautiful moments that are not ‘good press’. We aspire to goodness and this keeps us going as a progressive species, against our natural animalistic ‘kill or be killed’ psyche.


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