Still Waiting 

Memories On Bleecker I have so many memories of this street….they are all about 25 years old.  Everything about this picture brings them back….still waiting for something or someone that isn’t showing up.  Sights like this can evoke memories or something similar, maybe just a feeling that I had that I’d forgotten long ago….so I try to make a picture of the feeling.  Sometimes it changes, and the original sense I had gets lost as I become more and more tangled in the web that shooting pictures seems to become.  It’s so easy to express so much, and it can become very difficult to decide which image best suits my mood….and relays the true content of the street as it existed in real time, as opposed to whatever ghost grabbed hold of my senses for a few minutes.  A combination is what I aim for.  I made a few here.  Each one feels different, and one or two are not pleasant.  I may or may not post them, but for now my favorites, the ones that adhere to my original intent when I saw her.  Chloe.

Author: suzannesteinphoto


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