Innocence Found

Midnight at Times Square, NYC October 9, 2017

I saw them and couldn’t believe how absolutely nude they were….not just in the obvious way.  But how they put themselves out into the world, in a way that was trusting and innocent, desperate and sharp and cunning all at the same time.  There are many ways to do a street portrait, and exploiting the obvious is the first impulse….but there’s a great deal more below the surface than the first split second impression would have you believe.  

I said you have an innocence, that I can see here, as I checked my exposures in the crazy, artificial space age lighting of Times Square.  She said no I’m not.  I am not innocent.  I told her that my pictures say something different….and she replied that she looks funny and strange and terrible in pictures.  I said No!  You are beautiful….and I know I’m right.  She told me I was too….but I’m an old broad and I said so. Because I’m moving at the speed of light to do these pictures, to not fuck them up, because there’s never ever any second chances…..And she said no….you are beautiful.  And so is she…out there in front of the world, innocence remaining despite knowledge gained.  A beautiful mosaic.

Author: suzannesteinphoto


2 thoughts on “Innocence Found”

  1. I have taken maybe two photos of these girls in the past ten years. Always wondered what life choices cause them to end up in Times Square being photo props.


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