Love Is The Sweetest Thing

A Little Vanille

Saturday, September 23, 2017

My first sight of Vanille…on East 13 Street.  Vanille is a foundling, and looks like a cross between a bat, Gizmo, Pikachu, a chihuahua and Yoda from Star Wars.  I loved her immediately, as well her owner.  Jeanette has been in the East Village for many years….I believe she said almost forty three.  Jeanette has many stories.  When I first saw her on my way to San Gennaro in Little Italy, she looked to be suffering mightily with the heat of Indian Summer in New York City.  Sweat rolled in beads, like raindrops, down her face and onto her neck, her dress, the sidewalk…everywhere.  I didn’t feel sure about including her in any pictures initially because I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.  Jeanette is a holdover, originally from France but old school Lower Manhattan through and through.

Author: suzannesteinphoto


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