Fumer Tue (Smoking Kills)

Sylvester The Cat

Rue Guisard, Paris
This picture required three things from me:  lightning fast reflexes, a sense of humor, and absolutely no self consciousness or fear of looking comical.  Maybe it’s not a question of fear….I think I don’t care, and it never occurs to me to wonder if I look funny or ugly or if my underwear is showing while I’m squatting trying to do a picture.  Actually I do worry about the latter….I usually tuck my tank top into my belt to prevent looking really unappealing.  Having to wonder whether or not I’m wearing ugly underwear sucks once I realize that they’ve been exposed on a crowded sidewalk for many minutes while I’m taking what often turns out to be a worthless discard.  Sylvester was a cat who knew himself well, and didn’t suffer me gladly.

Author: suzannesteinphoto


3 thoughts on “Fumer Tue (Smoking Kills)”

  1. I love this because you show a different side to you and that cat’s face is omnipotently scowling at you; he can’t believe you dare take an image of His Highness and his downright disgust at tobacco is priceless


    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to write! He is for sure very disapproving…..I have many such pictures, different in feeling to most of what’s on Instagram and tumblr and I’ll be sharing these going forward.

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