Fumer Tue (Smoking Kills)

Sylvester The Cat

Rue Guisard, Paris
This picture required three things from me:  lightning fast reflexes, a sense of humor, and absolutely no self consciousness or fear of looking comical.  Maybe it’s not a question of fear….I think I don’t care, and it never occurs to me to wonder if I look funny or ugly or if my underwear is showing while I’m squatting trying to do a picture.  Actually I do worry about the latter….I usually tuck my tank top into my belt to prevent looking really unappealing.  Having to wonder whether or not I’m wearing ugly underwear sucks once I realize that they’ve been exposed on a crowded sidewalk for many minutes while I’m taking what often turns out to be a worthless discard.  Sylvester was a cat who knew himself well, and didn’t suffer me gladly.

Author: suzannesteinphoto


3 thoughts on “Fumer Tue (Smoking Kills)”

  1. I love this because you show a different side to you and that cat’s face is omnipotently scowling at you; he can’t believe you dare take an image of His Highness and his downright disgust at tobacco is priceless


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