A View From Inside

DSCF4145San Pedro Street
Skid Row, Los Angeles

On San Pedro Street there are bigger, better tents.  Nothing like what is commonly seen along other avenues located in the deeper recesses of Skid Row.  Ceres Avenue, parts of Gladys, Stanford or Towne…..many of these areas are home to those who are unable to muster the resources or focus to construct an elaborate, comfortable living space such as M’s structure.  My first meeting with M was several months ago, as I walked along San Pedro with Caliph.  Caliph is a street barber who makes his living by providing barbershop style service to the guys who live along San Pedro, Crocker Avenue and Main Street.  He carries his own supplies, consisting of worn, straight razor blades, a toothbrush, an old black comb and a pair of ancient scissors along with a cape.   He travels by bike, visiting spots where he knows there may be a prospective client or two who may be willing to part with the few dollars to cover the cost of a cut or shave.


Author: suzannesteinphoto


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